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The Little Engine That Couldn't, Quite
The Little Engine That Couldn't, Quite
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Why Free?

All of the literature found on this site is in the public domain, meaning it is no longer under copyright law. Why is that? Mostly because it's old. In the U.S., copyrights expire after 70 years or so. After the copyright expires, the stories can legally be distributed freely.

Why This Site

I began this site for my own personal convenience. I travel a lot, and books are bulky. After being away from home for several years, I began to realize that one of the things I missed the most was my favorite books. Since I spend a lot of time in countries where English is not the primary language, books in English are hard to come by.

Support This Site

While this site is mainly a hobby site, there are some operating costs involved. While everyone is free to enjoy this site, you may, if you wish, can help support it by buying your books through our links to Amazon, Powell's, and clicking on the links to other sponsors. We don't make much, but every little bit helps. Proceeds are used to defray operating expenses -- this is a hobby, not a job.

More Online Literature

Most of the literature on this site was obtained from Project Gutenberg. They are a fantastic foundation dedicated to the preservation and distribution of public-domain literature. Visit them here:

Downloading and Reading Literature

Electronic literature is available in several formats, including plain text, HTML, Adobe .PDF, Microsoft .LIT, and Mobi Pocket Reader. The readers are all free. You can download and read the books offline, or on your personal organizer. More info here:

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